EE launches urgent Power Bar safety recall

December 17, 2015 | 11:51

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EE, the mobile operator formed from T-Mobile and Orange and formerly known as Everything Everywhere, has warned customers to return their free EE Power Bar battery packs following incidents of overheating.

EE made headlines when it announced that it was offering a free external battery pack, dubbed an EE Power Bar, to all customers. Sadly, it's now hitting headlines for a much more negative reasons: the battery packs it has been giving out are, it seems, unsafe with the potential to overheat and start a fire.

Accordingly, EE is asking anyone with an EE Power Bar to cease its use immediately and return it to their nearest EE shop as soon as possible. To encourage them to do so, the company is offering a £20 voucher which can be spent on the company's accessories webshop - either on a replacement battery pack with hopefully better safety measures, or on something else entirely.

The recall covers all EE Power Bar branded battery packs, and follows on from a 500,000 unit recall in August after a 26 year old medical student was injured by an exploding EE Power Bar - an issue the company claimed was limited to a single batch of 500,000 units. It also follows claims from technology tabloid The Register, made back in August, that the company knowingly released products featuring fake CE safety marking labels - a claim the company roundly denied.

More information on the recall is available on the official website.
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