Kingston previews liquid-cooled RAM

December 24, 2009 | 09:03

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Memory manufacturer Kingston have sneaked out some pics of new RAM chips designed for water-cooled systems just in time to make everyone's wish list for 2010.

As revealed over on Softpedia, the new DDR3 memory - released under the company's HyperX brand - features barbs for connecting to a liquid cooling loop along the top of the heatspreader.

Designed for hardcore overclockers - or those with such a cramped case that airflow is at a premium and high-speed RAM just won't cool down - the memory modules are currently in testing at the company's labs, with an announcement due at CES 2010 next month.

Sadly, prior to that announcement, all we have are a couple of pictures - so far the company hasn't released any specifications for the RAM hidden underneath the new heatspreaders. While we'll have to wait for pricing information and speed details, it's clear that Kingston is hoping to capture the hearts of the overclocking community with an easy way to add RAM into a watercooling loop.

While the liquid cooling system built into the heatspreader will certain get some interest, the real proof will be in the overclocking potential of the RAM hidden underneath: with Corsair already setting world records with standard air-cooled Dominator DDR3, Kingston will have to ensure that the hardware matches the cooling system and overs overclockers the performance they crave.

Does the idea of adding your RAM into your watercooling loop fill you with joy, or are you going to need to see some specs and pricing information before you get too excited? Share your thoughts over in the forums.
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