Kingmax unveils invisible heat sinks

June 9, 2010 | 10:10

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Kingmax has announced its latest - and rather bizarre - innovation in memory chips: the invisible heat sink.

The company's latest memory products come with something Kingmax is calling a "Nano Thermal Dissipation Technology" layer - which it claims can "increase the release of radiant heat."

Although the company's press release is a little light on technical details, the technology apparently takes the form of a "nano-size silicon compound [that] fills up the invisible vacant space of the smooth surface to remove the surface heat more quickly[, acting] like a sponge [to] pull the heat and release into the air at a faster rate" than an untreated chip.

In actual terms, the company claims that the technology - however it turns out to work - makes a real-world difference of around two degrees Celsius, which could mean a more stable overclock in marginal situations. Kingmax also claims that the coating can be combined with traditional active and passive cooling systems - including watercooling - to further increase the performance gains.

The first memory modules to feature the nano thermal dissipation technology coating will be Kingmax's Long-DIMM DDRIII 2400 Dual-Channel 4GB kits, comprising two 2GB DIMMs running at 2400Mhz and designed to operate at voltages between 1.5 to 1.8V. All treated modules will come with Kingmax's lifetime warranty - and as the company is aiming these modules at overclockers, we'd hope that Kingmax won't mind if you tweak the voltages or speeds from stock in order to see exactly how much difference the 'invisible' heatsinks make.

So far Kingmax hasn't announced availability of the modules in the UK markets, nor how much such magical nanotechnology will set you back.

Do you think that the Kingmax technology holds promise, or are you yet to be convinced that it's not a load of snake-oil? Share your thoughts over in the forums.
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