GeIL unveils Evo-X HILM memory modules

May 23, 2016 | 14:06

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GeIL has announced the impending launch of its Evo-X family of DDR4 memory modules, the first to feature what the company is calling Hybrid Independent Light Module (HILM) technology.

The ready availability of affordable, programmable multi-colour RGB LEDs has spurred a new goldrush in the let's-make-things-glow market, and memory makers clearly don't want to be left out. Although having memory modules which glow or flash in patterns is nothing new, GeIL claims its new Evo-X family is the first to features an entirely separate lighting circuit completely disconnected from the memory module itself.

The Hybrid Independent Light Modules (HILMs), then, aren't actually part of the DIMMs themselves. Separated by an air gap but housed in the same oversized heatspreader, the HILMs are designed to be powered from a motherboard's dedicated RGB LED header. In the event that the modules are to be installed on a motherboard without a 12V RGB LED header, a connector at the other side of each module allows for 9V or 12V headers designed for use with fans to be used instead.

Each HILM includes a dedicated microcontroller, which can be programmed either via the RGB LED header or have four separate modes - red, green, blue, and RGB cycle - selected via a physical switch if using the fan power connector. Separating the lighting system from the DIMM itself, GeIL claims, allows for the memory to run at peak performance: frequencies of 2,666MHz to 4,133MHz will be available at launch, in kit sizes of 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB using 4GB, 8GB, and 16GB modules.
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