Corsair launches Asus ROG-themed DDR4 kit

May 25, 2016 | 14:11

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Corsair has announced another product partnership with Asus, to produce Republic of Gamers (ROG) branded DDR4 memory modules for those who like a unified visual theme across their build.

Available exclusively in DDR4 flavour, the Corsair Dominator Platinum ROG Edition range isn't just a visual tweak on what has come before: Corsair claims to have included a custom XMP 2.0 memory profile accessible only when the modules are installed on an Asus Z170 ROG motherboard, pushing the modules to 3,333MHz - something Asus has, naturally, applauded. 'We're delighted to be working with Corsair on the Dominator Platinum ROG Edition, combining years of Asus motherboard expertise with the Corsair passion for truly high performance memory,' crowed Kris Huang, senior director for ROG at Asus. 'The result gives Asus ROG motherboard users an instant performance increase when using Corsair ROG Edition DDR4, making memory overclocking easier than ever.'

Profiles aside, the memory modules are all finished in black and red with Corsair's DHX PCB-contact heatsink system and an integrated LED lighting system for extra bling. Interestingly, Corsair is limiting availability to a single four-DIMM 16GB kit, with no word as to whether it plans to sell the modules individually or in kits of other sizes.

More information is available on the official product page.
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