Kingston is first to DDR2-800 3-3-3

Written by Tim Smalley

May 21, 2007 | 11:32

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Kingston has today announced that it is first to market with a new ultra low-latency kit that reaches the holy grail of DDR2-800 with 3-3-3 timings.

The modules will require 2.3 to 2.35V in order to achieve these timings, which isn't too far off what we've had to push through modules like Corsair's XMS2-6400C3 in order to get down to the same timings. The problem we've had though is that not every motherboard has can run our Corsair modules at 3-3-3.

Last year, we had a look at the effects of memory timings on Intel's Core 2 processors, and found that there were very small gains that were certainly not worth paying a hefty premium for.

We're told that a 2GB kit of Kingston's DDR2-800 3-3-3 2GB should retail for around £160 (inc VAT), which normally wouldn't seem too bad in the grand scheme of things.

However, based on the current market situation, that puts these new modules in almost in the same price bracket as some of the 4GB kits that are turning up on the market for as little as £175 (inc VAT).

The modules will also be available in 1GB kits, or single 1GB/512MB modules too, priced at around £85, £80 and £42 (inc VAT) respectively.

I guess it's time for another is more memory always better article...

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