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November 13, 2007 | 15:46

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Foxconn is really committing itself to the Quantum Force range by tempting you to get paid to overclock for them. The Scholarship Program requires you to send in a CV now and the first intake of "Scholars" will be announced before the end of the year.

Those accepted to the program can expect free hardware and cash to LN2 cool their kit. They will also get sent early samples of future Quantum Force products and be directly involved in the R&D process as well as encouraged to try and set some overclocking records.

“This is what Quantum Force is really about… working with enthusiasts to develop great overclocking products” claims Greta Kuo, Quantum Force product manager. “We have already seen FSB of 622MHz with our MARS product, using LN2 cooling, and we are excited about setting a range of future benchmarks”.

Quantum Force PowerWall
For those of you who don’t make it into the program, Foxconn is still keen to point out that you can still win up to US $1,000 of computer hardware. It does require you to already own and overclock using a Foxconn MARS though, rather than a motherboard of your choice.

A scholarship program is a fantastic incentive for people who otherwise wouldn't get access to this kind of opportunity, however it does require you to already show you're capable - so access to some hardcore (and expensive) kit is undoubtedly a critical part of that process. Putting my chemistry hat on, I just hope they work with LN2 in a well ventilated room, rather than unknowingly asphyxiate from the extra nitrogen as it boils off. Swapping that for my hardware tester hat (I have quite a few), it might be that Foxconn has cottoned on to the fact that it doesn't need to pay expensive engineers a salary if it can throw a bit of cash and some kit at some enthusiastic kids instead, essentially extending the Q&A department. We've been there many times before with plenty of companies and pre-released products, and while it's fun at first to help out, we have to admit it does get tedious after a while. Mind you, we don't get paid for it either.

So, good or bad? Is Foxconn trying too hard for your love or is it just another step in the right direction for all us enthusiasts? If these guys can tweak a board to the absolute limits - then it should mean more for most of us. As for the competition, I might be cynical enough to point out that given the current exchange rate, US$1,000 is also currently worth about £2.50 in the UK too.

This all comes on top of Foxconn revenues hitting a record high for a fourth month in a row, topping out at US$4.06Bn this month. Obviously this is not solely down to the Quantum Force range, but it looks like parent company Foxconn Electronics can certainly afford it and it's great that they're giving back to the community.

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