Foxconn Mars mobo to feature a new Gladiator BIOS

August 3, 2007 | 14:13

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An overclockable motherboard is inevitably only as good as its BIOS, that's for sure. You can have all the physical features in the world, but if nothing works right its just a good looking brick.

Foxconn's upcoming Mars motherboard, which is based on the P35 chipset and due this September, will include the new Gladiator BIOS that is supposedly "the most advanced and overclocking-friendly BIOS ever developed by Foxconn".

Cynically, that's actually not a huge stretch considering Foxconn has never been a first port of call for enthusiasts, but knowing that Foxconn has recently employed some ex-DFI engineers, things get a little more interesting.

Not happy with just plenty of CPU voltage potential, how about a CPU voltage multiplier as well? This offers a maximum limit of a clinically insane 2.0736V. The memory voltage can also be set to a massive 3.356V as well: the largest over-voltage we've ever seen warranted is 2.45V so you're clearly into "is that a burning smell?" territory unless you're using liquid nitrogen.

The other voltage options also get liberal voltage adjustments in small increments, but there isn't a kitchen sink thrown in just yet, like we've seen previously on recent DFI LANParty boards for example. I suppose Foxconn might want to make it comprehensive without the need for a PhD in electrical engineering to decipher what all the options do.

Here's what will be on offer:
  • CPU Voltage Multiplier: 1.000V(Default) / 1.036 / 1.078 / 1.116 / 1.161 / 1.203 / 1.251 / 1.296
  • CPU Voltage Setting: 0.825V ~ 1.600V,stepping is 0.0125V
  • Target CPU Voltage: CPU target voltage,it is CPU Voltage Multiplier product CPU Voltage Setting
  • Current CPU Voltage: CPU currentl Voltage
  • Default CPU Voltage: CPU default voltage
  • DRAM Voltage Setting: 1.800V(Default) / 1.665V ~ 3.365V
  • NB Voltage Setting: 1.250V(Default) / 1.156V ~ 2.395V
  • CPU VTT Voltage Setting: 1.200V(Default) / 1.200V ~ 1.725V,step is 0.075V
  • SB Voltage Setting: 1.500V(Default) / 1.388V ~ 1.650V

Do you fancy owning one of Foxconn's enthusiast-orientated P35 boards in the future, or are you waiting to see what X38 offers? Let us know your thoughts in the forums.
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