What do you spend on a motherboard?

January 26, 2008 | 07:34

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With the ever increasing cost of "enthusiast" motherboards, are we also increasing our budgets to compensate? Do the extra features warrant the extra cost, or do mainstream boards simply suffice for most of us?

We're wanting to know because we want to tailor our reviews to suit our audience. Sure, looking at the latest and greatest with all the features under the sun might be an interesting read now and again, but what do you do if you'd never consider paying that much, nor need those features? Has the industry got it wrong in assuming every so called "enthusiast" has deep, cavernous pockets?

Since we class ourselves and our readers as enthusiasts in the computing field, we want to know what you all really spend on a motherboard - have our budgets changed since the advent of "gaming" boards for example?

Vote in our forum poll and help us tailor future reviews to match what our readers want!
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