HIS has AGP Radeon HD 2600 XT

Written by Tim Smalley

June 8, 2007 | 05:04

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HIS is readying the launch of the world’s first AGP-based DirectX 10 graphics card, which is based on AMD’s upcoming RV630 graphics processing unit.

The RV630 GPU launched at the same time as R600, but availability won’t happen until the start of next month because the silicon had to go back to the fab for another respin.

There are a number of different SKUs based on RV630, but HIS’s card will be based on the flagship model, the HD 2600 XT. Details of the product are pretty light at the moment though and the specs listed things like “CrossFire multi-GPU support”, which obviously isn’t going to happen.

Because RV630 natively supports PCI-Express, HIS has needed to use ATI's RIALTO bridge chip to get the card working on AGP. RIALTO, unlike Nvidia's BR1 bridge chip, works with ATI's new generation of graphics cards, which gives AMD a distinct advantage in the AGP marketplace.

Since HIS has said that it’s the HD 2600 XT version, the 120 stream processors will be clocked at 800MHz, while the GDDR4 memory should run at 2200MHz, albeit over a 128-bit memory interface.

Of course, there is also support for all of the other Radeon HD 2000-series architectural features and the card is rounded off with an HIS IceQ cooling solution, which promises to be “faster, cooler & quieter.”

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