AMD teases new graphics card ahead of official launch

Written by Edward Chester

September 25, 2013 | 19:18

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AMD has shown off its new graphics card, rumoured to be called the R9-290X Hawaii, ahead of its official unveiling.

Taking to the deck of the USS Missouri on the evening of 24 September, AMD representatives showed the new card for a few brief moments, revealing no details of its specs but giving us a glimpse at the hardware. In advance of the official unveiling this morning we're now allowed to share those images with you.

As would be expected the card is a fairly traditional dual-slot design with AMD's signature black and red livery. The new cooler shroud design features a number of deep grooves in it that largely look aesthetic but could well be for improved airflow.

The card also features two dual-link DVI video outputs along with several DisplayPort outputs (we'll get exact confirmation shortly) as well as six- and an eight-pin auxiliary power inputs.

Ultimately the proof of the pudding will be in the card's silicon and the performance it provides. Rumours have suggested it will offer performance similar to or slightly in excess of the Nvidia GTX Titan, which if true should drive prices of these flagship cards down.

AMD teases new graphics card ahead of official launch

The official launch kicks off any minute now and we'll be reporting all the big announcements as they happen. You can also watch the live stream on AMD's YoutTube channel.

Update: Due to licensing issues with its background music AMD's YouTube live stream has been pulled, delaying the kick off of the official launch. We'll be back with more when we here it.

Update 2: The new livestream location is on
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