AMD Radeon R9 290 boards hit by last-minute delay

October 31, 2013 | 10:52

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AMD has confirmed that the launch of its latest Radeon R9 290 graphics boards, originally scheduled to occur today, has been pushed back by a week due to apparent last-minute driver issues.

Although AMD's various hardware partners have all launched their flagship R9 290X graphics boards, as proven by our review and temperature tests of same, the non-X version is missing in action. Designed to sit just below the flagship level at a reduced price - lower performance being the trade-off, naturally - the R9 290 was scheduled to be formally launched today, but has hit a last-minute snag.

According to an AMD spokesperson speaking to VR-Zone on the matter, unspecified driver issues are to blame for a last-minute delay. According to the site, performance issues had been noted which are resolved by a new driver release - with press, held under a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), being asked to re-test the boards using the new driver release ahead of a revised launch date.

Thankfully for those eager to see what the non-X model can do, the delay isn't a long one: an originally-scheduled unveiling of the 31st of October has now turned into a launch date of the 5th of November - meaning a last-minute scramble for AMD's board partners to change their press release themes from Halloween to Bonfire Night.

Press who have already tested the card under the old drivers and planned to publish their reviews today are, naturally, now likely to release updated reviews using the new drivers on the 5th of November instead - although, as said press are held under NDA, nobody will be saying that out-loud just yet.

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