AMD Radeon 7990 made official and demoed

Written by Edward Chester

March 27, 2013 | 04:16

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AMD has finally unveiled its version of the HD 7990 some four months after board partners first released cards based on the design.

The new dual-GPU flagship graphics card was shown for the first time during the company's press conference at the Games Developer Conference (GDC) currently taking place in San Francisco.

No official details of the card's clock speeds or memory configuration were revealed but the company did confirm that it uses two HD 7970 GPUs mounted on a single board.

AMD also promised the card would be whisper quiet thanks to its triple fan configuration that sees the fans blow air straight down onto the card rather than directing the airflow through the heatsink and out the backplate. This is in contrast to the elaborate water cooled Asus Ares II version of this card, though it's likely the AMD version won't run at such high clock speeds. Also, unlike the chunky Club 3D Radeon HD 7990, this AMD-designed version only fills two expansion slots rather than three.

Power consumption also appears to have been reduced as only two 8-pin auxilliary power sockets are present on this new card, as opposed to the three employed on previous unofficial versions. This also opens the card's potential customer base to those that don't have a power supply with three PCI-E power connections.

As well as a DVI-D video output the card will feature two mini DisplayPort and two mini HDMI outputs, while the card appears to be the same length as previous iterations.

In our previous tests the Asus and Club 3D HD 7990 cards showed mixed performance with the dual-GPUs working together to good effect in some games but not others. Whether this new card will have more consistent performance is yet to be seen but given the four month wait to work on driver improvements we would certainly expect to see at least some progress.

There is currently no word on how much the AMD Radeon HD 7990 will cost or exactly when it will arrive.

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