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March 29, 2013 | 10:29

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The team behind, a site which looks to simplify the often thorny process of comparing the relative merits of various processors down into peering at pretty graphs, has branched out into a new realm with a companion site:

Created by engineering graduates Chris Reid, Alex Black, and Mark Feeney as a spin-off of gadget comparison site, was designed to make it as easy as possible for less-technical types to compare processors before making an upgrade or system purchase decision. 'The product categories that we think our technology allows us to provide a great solution for are ones that are spec-heavy, and are in need of an easier way to centralise information and communicate it more clearly in a visual interface,' Jude Fiorillo, the site's user experience designer, told us when the site launched earlier this year. 'Because of that, it seemed natural for us to want to introduce an easier way to research CPUs, since traditional processor sites seem a bit less visually oriented, and the data is scattered around the web.'

While the site wasn't perfect at launch, feedback from its users - 'fun fact: bit-tech users are some of our most engaged by pages/visit and visit duration,' Fiorillo tells us - has led to several improvements, but there was one request that stood out among the rest: 'The number one thing we’ve heard from our users is "love the site, now do one for GPUs" - and that’s exactly what we did,' Fiorillo explains.

As with, looks to take the often complex metric associated with technological products and boil them down into an easier to understand format, with plenty of pretty graphs. It's the team's answer to the thorny problem of the numbers not always reflecting the performance: while the average bit-tech reader is well aware that a 2GB graphics card may not always outperform a 1GB graphics card, others are not quite so clued-up - and it's these that the site aims to assist.

The site allows users to select graphics cards for head-to-head comparisons, producing lists of pros and cons for each gathered from reviews around the web. Benchmark results are also included in graphical form, for at-a-glance performance comparisons, while users can sort lists of cards according to numerous rankings including performance-per-dollar and in-game performance.

With hitting over 15,000 users a day, things are looking good for - but the team is keen to receive feedback on how the service could be improved.
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