NZXT launches data-driven BLD custom gaming PC engine

June 7, 2017 | 11:00

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NZXT has announced the launch of what it describes as a 'recommendation engine' designed to make it easier for people to pick components and build a gaming rig which fits their particular needs: BLD.

Pronounced, unsurprisingly, 'build', NZXT's BLD aims to take the complexity out of specifying system components for a gaming rig. Rather than picking components from a bare list or even a tiered, good-better-best ranking system, users select up to three games from a database of the most popular titles alongside a target budget to have the BLD system figure out how to get the best bang-for-buck possible. Naturally, given that NZXT produces exactly these components, there is also a step for customisation where users can add NZXT case upgrades and RGB lighting add-ons.

'BLD features a brand new approach for those who want a DIY PC to play the PC games the way they without having to invest a lot of time. Because we’re PC gaming enthusiasts ourselves, we know what fellow gamers need out of their systems and our recommendation engine built upon millions of gaming sessions makes this easy. Simply tell us the games you want to play and we will do the rest,' claimed Johnny Hou, founder and chief executive of NZXT, at the launch. 'We’re proud to be the first to offer the ultimate advantage over the rigid prebuilt configurations of the past, all at price points that make sense. At NZXT, we’re gamers who don’t like to compromise on quality and customisation, so we don’t want our customers to either.'

According to NZXT, the component decisions are driven by a database of 'over 10 million and counting analysed gaming hours' which 'accurately predicts a system's gaming performance so you can spend less time researching, troubleshooting and setting up.' Overall, NZXT claims the BLD recommendation engine predicts the performance of selected games within a 10 percent margin of error.

Interestingly for a company which has previously near-exclusively targeted the DIY market, BLD is more than a recommendation engine: Once a configuration has been selected, users can hit a button and have it built for them on a two-day turnaround - though, naturally, there's nothing stopping you from using the BLD system to simply recommend components then purchasing them elsewhere for a homebrew build.

NZXT's BLD is available in the US now via the official website, with no word yet on international availability.
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