Intel dabbles in retail with pop-up stores

November 14, 2013 | 10:38

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Intel is making moves into the retail market, opening pop-up shops that will - for a limited time - sell Intel-powered hardware along with providing a venue for talks and shows by local hackers.

Announced at a press event in New York late last night, Intel's aims aren't quite to become the next PC World. Rather, the company plans a series of short-term 'pop-up' retail venues to capture the lucrative Christmas traffic and show off what its customers have been doing with the latest generation of Intel processors.

Each store will be open for only a limited period, during which time it will provide free coffee, film showings on Fridays, and hands-on time with the latest Intel-powered desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Selected days will also have live lectures from local hackers, makers and tinkerers who will be showing off what they've been creating - using, presumably, Intel hardware.

The shops will also serve as a means of driving Christmas sales for Intel and its customers: all products on display will be available for purchase there and then, with Intel even planning to run trade-in programmes for punters to cash in their existing hardware against a shiny new device.

While Intel has yet to formally announce when and where the stores will be appearing, Laptop Mag has confirmed from the company that the programme will close down in late January 2014. The first store to open will be in New York, on the 23rd of November, with additional venues due to be confirmed early next week.

If you're wondering what the stores will look and feel like, Intel has released a mock-up video of its New York pop-up shop which is reproduced in full below.

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