Intel announces Dadi Perlmutter's departure

October 24, 2013 | 09:49

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Intel has confirmed that Dadi Perlmutter, executive vice president and general manager of the Intel Architecture group, is to leave the company early next year on the day of his 34th anniversary.

Joining the company in 1980, Perlmutter has been responsible for many engineering breakthroughs at Intel: he holds patents on branch target buffers, multiprocessing cache coherency, and was granted an innovation award in 1987 for his work on the development of the i387 floating point co-processor. As the manager of the Intel Israel Development Centre in Haifa, Perlmutter led the development of an extended-temperature Pentium chip for industrial use, and as general manager of the Mobile Platforms group led development of the Centrino mobile platform and the related Pentium M processor - the latter of which would form the foundation of the Core architecture used in Intel's current-generation x86 chips.

As the general manager of the Intel Architecture group, which is responsible for all Intel's x86 products, Perlmutter was one of the names rumoured to be under consideration to take over from Paul Otellini as the company's chief executive. Whether Perlmutter's decision to take his leave of the company comes as a result of the job going to Brian Krzanich is not known.

What is known is that following his appointment as chief executive officer, Brian Krzanich led a massive shake-up at the company that saw Perlmutter ousted from control of the PC Client, Mobile Communications and Data Centre sub-groups with all three reporting directly to Krzanich instead. At the time, Krzanich claimed that Perlmutter's 'next significant contribution at Intel' was a matter under discussion, but it's clear from the company's announcement that talks have not gone smoothly and Perlmutter is willing to give up a $700,000 a year post - with stock options valued at over $12 million according to the company's most recent filings - as a result.

Perlmutter's exit will take effect on the day of his 34th anniversary at the company, the 20th of February 2014, after which Intel states he is to 'pursue other opportunities in his life and professional career.' Prior to that date, Perlmutter will be providing transition assistance to the Platform Engineering group and 'on other matters as requested by management,' the company has said. Following his departure, Perlmutter will also receive accelerated equity vesting normally reserved for employees over 60, despite being a year off that age.

Intel has not announced a successor for Perlmutter's role, and given that Krzanich's reorganisation all but dissolved the position is unlikely to do so.
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