FTC 'close' to Intel filing

October 26, 2009 | 14:04

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Reports are circling the 'net that the US Federal Trade Commission is close to filing a complaint against Intel for allegedly anti-competitive practices.

According to an article over on V3.co.uk, the FTC - which began an investigation into the chip giant's practices last year - is leaning three to four in favour of filing a complaint against Intel.

An un-named source is quoted as saying that "they're [the FTC] are close. They said it could be a matter of weeks or a matter of months when the vote happens.."

If the FTC do file a complaint against the company, it could lead to another whopper fine such as that levied against the company by the European Union in May after a similar investigation into alleged anti-competitive practices - costing the company £948 million, which Intel is currently appealing.

Despite the claims that a complaint is imminent, Intel's Chuck Mulloy has stated that Intel has "been working closely with the FTC as they conduct their investigation[, and] we would hope that the speculation is incorrect as we are continuing to work with the Commission."

If accurate, the news that the FTC is taking Intel's actions seriously will come as a great relief to rival AMD: for years the company has been accusing its rival of bullying OEMs into Intel exclusivity or limiting the number of AMD chips they can buy - something that AMD believes has resulted in an uncompetitive marketplace in Intel's favour.

Do you believe that Intel's actions represent anti-competitive behavour, or is the company simply trying to protect stockholders' interests? Share your thoughts over in the forums.
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