Nvidia prods Intel with satire site

November 6, 2009 | 10:07

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Nvidia is taking aim at chip giant Intel in a new battleground - satirical cartoons.

As reported over on ExtremeTech, the graphics specialist - who many believe is due to step on Intel's toes in the very near future with an x86 chip design of its own - has launched a new site called Intel's Insides which the company claims "is intended to be a parody of events occurring within the semiconductor sector, with particular focus on its largest, and most-commented-upon competitor."

The cartoons - which almost exclusively poke fun at Intel's president and chief executive officer Paul Otellini, point-blank accusing him of being complicit in the anti-competitive practices that the company is being sued for by the New York Attorney General - are done in the time-honoured political satire style by cartoonist Steven Lait. Images include a Godfather-style figure with a name plaque reading Otellini stating that "we'll make them a microprocessor offer they can't refuse," and a Moses figure delivering the "Law of Moore" from atop a mountain marked "IDF" to an empty wilderness.

Nvidia's corporate communications head, Bob Sherbin, claims that the site "attempts to have a bit of fun with what is quite a serious issue," and claims that while current cartoons concentrate on Intel and their alleged actions to block rival AMD from competing fairly as "the spotlight is on [Intel] regarding this issue, and so they are a very obvious target," other companies may find themselves immortalised in cartoon form in the future.

Is this a case of Nvidia being childish, or are the cartoons a funny way of keeping abreast of the industry's twists and turns? Share your thoughts over in the forums.
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