New 6-core AMD CPUs overclock to 4GHz on air

April 14, 2010 | 10:53

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If you read our recent review of AMD's 12-core Opteron 6174, you might be of the opinion AMD's fortunes are looking up. From what we've seen in the secret testing labs here in Taipei, that might well be the case. We got the chance to see one of AMD’s upcoming 6-core desktop CPUs being overclocked, and the chip hit a whopping 4 to 4.2GHz with a very good air cooler.

That said, this type of overclocking will be limited to Black Edition models, due to HyperTransport limits. As with the original 65nm Phenoms, these new 6-core CPUs will hit around 230MHz on the HT clock before refusing to go any further - so you'll need to use multiplier overclocking, which requires the unlocked multiplier you get with a Black Edition CPU.

At this time, we can’t go into any more detail about voltages or motherboards used.

Fancy a 6-core upgrade with a new 890FX board? Let us know your thoughts, in the forums.
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