New Intel 6-core CPU ‘due mid-July’

Written by Clive Webster

July 5, 2010 | 10:15

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DigiTimes is reporting that Intel is due to shake up its processor line-up this month, with new CPUs and some price cuts. The three new models are reported to be the 6-core Core i7-970 at $885, the 2.8GHz quad-core Core i5-760 at $205 and the quad-core Core i5-870S (a power-efficient processor) for $351.

Three new CPUs will launch at the end of this month - the Core i3-560 ($138), the Pentium E6800 ($86) and the Celeron E3500 ($53) – while a new Pentium E5700 chip will launch ‘in early August’ for $75.

The report also states that Intel will introduce a range of price cuts to promote interest and sales. A few low-end CPUs will drop in price ‘for mid-July’ while a larger batch of cheap CPUs will get price cuts ‘in mid-October’. Among the highlights for the cuts are the Core i3-540 which will drop from $133 to $117 in mid-July, and the Core i3-530 which is set to also cost $117 rather than $138 from mid-October. The LGA1366 Core i7-950 is set for a price crash in August, from $562 to just $294.

These prices are for CPUs bought in trays of 1,000, so expect some markup when the new CPUs arrive or the price-cuts hit. See below for a summary of the new CPUs and the price cuts due for existing processors.

CPU modelOld priceNew priceSocketCores (physical
+ logical)
Core i7-970N/A885LGA13664+43.2GHz?
Core i5-760N/A205LGA11564+02.8GHz?
Core i5-870SN/A351LGA11564+42.93GHz?
Core i3-540133117LGA11562+22.93GHz
Pentium E66008475LGA11562+03.06GHz
Pentium E55007564LGA11562+02.8GHz
Pentium E5700N/A75LGA11562+02.3GHz?
Core i3-560N/A138LGA11562+23.33GHz?
Pentium E6800N/A86LGA11562+03.33GHz?
Celeron E3500N/A53LGA11562+02.7GHz?
Core i7-950562294LGA13664+43.06GHz
Core i3-550138117LGA11562+23.2GHz
Pentium E67008675LGA11562+03.2GHz
Pentium E57007564LGA11562+03GHz?
Celeron E34005342LGA11562+02.6GHz

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