Thermalright announces Le Grand Macho heatsink

November 12, 2015 | 12:29

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Thermalright has announced its latest heatsink design, the multilingual Le Grand Macho, with the promise that it's possible to passively cool many processors and actively dissipate up to 300W.

Clearly based on the company's existing HR22, the Le Grand Macho is positioned as an upgrade from the Macho for those who can't stretch to the flagship part. Measuring an impressive 140mm x 125mm and 159mm tall, the heatsink tips the scales at 900g without fan thanks to 35 0.4mm aluminium fins spaced 3.1mm apart and six 6mm heatpipes. The base, as is to be expected, is pure copper with a nicel plating, and offset from the body of the heatsink via angled heatpipes. The bottom few fins are also shorter than the rest, offering a cut-out area that increases clearance from the base from 36mm to 46mm to make room for taller components.

According to Thermalright, the Le Grand Macho is capable of replacing an active stock Intel heatsink while operating entirely passively - providing, of course, that your case has sufficient airflow - with the company showing an Intel Core i7-6700K overclocked to 4.6GHz hitting a peak of 88 degrees under passive operation. When paired with a fan, which will not be bundled with the heatsink, the Le Grand Macho is claimed to offer dissipation of up to 300W of heat. The enlarged copper base compared to the original Macho promises compatibility, too, with all Intel and AMD processor types including Socket 2011-3.

The heatsink is to be offered in a silver finish with black-anodised lid, and will be supplied without fan but including mounting parts and a long-neck screwdriver for installation. Pricing and UK availability have yet to be confirmed, with more information - including internal test results - available on the official website.
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