Thermalright launches True Spirit 140 Direct heatsink

October 31, 2016 | 09:45

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Thermalright has unveiled a new revision of its True Spirit 140 cooler, dubbed the True Spirit 140 Direct and now boasting direct-contact heat pipes for improved heat transfer.

Based on the same tower design as its predecessor, the main revision of the True Spirit 140 Direct comes at the base: the thin bottom layer of the cold plate on its predecessor has been replaced with direct-contact heat pipes, allowing the five 6mm thick pipes to directly touch the CPU's heatspreader - or, in the case of delidded chips, die. While direct-contact designs can sometimes lead to hotspots on the chips, in particular in the strips where the heat pipes meet each other, Thermalright claims that it has tweaked the design carefully to avoid this issue and give the cooler a claimed support for thermal design profiles (TDPs) of up to 200W.

Despite this support for toasty top-end processors, the True Spirit 140 Direct joins its indirect predecessor as a particularly thin heatsink: without the 26mm fan attached, the aluminium fin stack measures just 77mm thick. Its performance comes courtesy of a larger than average profile: the 760g heatsink measures 152mm x 161mm on its face, making it slightly shorter than its predecessor, and the supplied 140mm pulse width modulated (PWM) fan spins at rates between 300 and 1,300 revolutions per minute (RPM) with the ability to push up to 125m³ per hour of air at 21 dBA.

The Thermalright True Spirit 140 Direct is entering the channel now, the company has confirmed, priced at €37.99 (around £34 excluding taxes) and boasting support for all current CPU socket types including Intel's LGA2011v3 and LGA 115x families and AMD's AM3+ and FM2+. The company has not, however, confirmed support for AMD's latest AM4 socket type. More information is available on the company's official website.
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