Swiftech previews the Komodo HD7970 waterblock

January 31, 2012 | 16:29

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Swiftech has offered an early glimpse of its full-coverage waterblock for AMD's Radeon HD7970 3GB graphics cards, promising impressive cooling performance in an attractive design.

While not yet available to view in the metal, Swiftech boss Gabe Rouchon posted a selection of design renders to the Xtreme Systems forums late last week, offering watercooling enthusiasts a first look at the Komodo HD7970 waterblock.

Designed to offer coverage cross the entire PCB, the Komodo HD7970 features a 0.25x0.25 micro-pin matrix over the GPU itself, active cooling of the voltage regulators, and a copper base plate plated in Swiftech's True-Chrome for a mirror-like finish.

For those who care about appearance as well as performance, the Komodo HD7970 is set to include a brushed aluminium front place finished in anodized black along with a bridge featuring an illuminated logo.

Rouchon also indicated that bridges for CrossFire in single, dual and quad formations will be available. For those using a multi-card CrossFire setup, there's a final bit of good news: the card and waterblock take up a single PCI slot, with a replacement bracket included in the bundle.

Due for release towards the end of February, there's one piece of information Rouchon hasn't yet shared: the price.

Tempted to see how far you could push your AMD Radeon HD7970 3GB with the Komodo on board, or is there something about the design that turns you off? Share your thoughts over in the forums.
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