Lian Li unveils CB-01 water-block

November 5, 2015 | 12:20

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Lian Li has announced one of its few products not to be built from brushed aluminium: the CB-01 CPU Water Block, built in partnership with Overclockers UK.

Positioned, naturally, as the perfect partner for Lian Li's liquid-cooling-ready cases - but compatible with any liquid cooling system you might care to name - the CB-01 marks the company's first foray into the world of first-party water-cooling creations. Built from the usual solid copper with nickel plating, the CB-01 adds a final layer of tin-cobalt to the mix for improved durability and corrosion resistance. The top, meanwhile, is made from translucent acrylic, and is drilled for aftermarket installation of 5mm LEDs if you fancy a bit of bling in your case.

Liquid flows through the block via standard G1/4" threaded ports, offset to allow the cold inlet to flow directly into the middle of the hottest portion of the cold-plate. The water then passes through a 32.2mm by 27.3mm field of micro-channels, designed to boost surface area and therefore heat transfer, before leaving to the radiator or other components in your loop. Defending the design of the channels, Lian Li explained that 'while not the largest, these dimensions were deliberately chosen to strike a balance between high restriction and high flow for the best cooling for its size.'

Designed for all model Intel and AMD socket types and featuring a pre-installed Intel mount with AMD mount bundled in the box, the bundle includes a spare rubber gasket, screws, nuts, tension springs and washers, plus a cubic centimetre of thermal interface material for installation purposes. A one year guarantee is included, but Lian Li has yet to confirm UK pricing and availability.
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