Fractal Design unveils Kelvin T12, S24, S36 AIO coolers

December 10, 2014 | 11:31

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Fractal Design, better known for its range of cases, has announced the impending launch of its all-in-one liquid cooling products, the Kelvin T12, S24 and S36.

Designed for newcomers to liquid cooling as well as those with space constraints, the Fractal Design Kelvin range are not sealed-loop systems. Although provided as a ready-to-run all-in-one system, the company has opted for an open-loop design which in theory allows for additional hardware - radiators or water blocks - to be added in future without having to replace any of the existing gear. It's an increasingly popular move, but one that removes one of the biggest selling points of sealed-loop AIO implementations: the promise of maintenance-free usage and greater protection against leaks.

As the names suggest, the company's initial products in the Kelvin family cover the three standard radiator sizes: 120mm, 240mm and 360mm, featuring one, two or three 120mm fans as standard. Each features a high-pressure pump integrated into the copper water block, which the company claims has the grunt required to support additional CPU or GPU water blocks in the loop and uses standard G 1/4" thread fittings. All tubes are fastened with two-part brass fittings, while a dedicated fill port provides easy refilling - something else sealed-loop owners, in theory at least, need not worry themselves over.

Fractal Design has confirmed US recommended retail prices for the three models at $99.99 for the T12, $119.99 for the S24 and $139.99 for the S36 (around £64, £77 and £89 respectively, excluding taxes.) All models are due to launch in the US later this month, although the company has yet to confirm UK pricing and availability. More information is available on the Kelvin T12, Kelvin S24 and Kelvin S36 product pages.
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