EK halts production of nickel-plated waterblocks

Written by Antony Leather

June 13, 2011 | 16:38

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Water-cooling hardware manufacturer EK has halted production of all of its nickel-plated waterblocks, as certain coolants and additives have apparently been eating away at the nickel plating,

The plating has a lustrous shine and high corrosion-resistance, but owners of the blocks have reported evidence of corrosion, where the nickel layer has been stripped away, revealing the copper underneath.

EK has carried out its own independent tests, and claims that silver coils and copper sulphate additives are to blame, which are both used as anti-algae treatments.

However, a member of water-cooling forum RRTech called rubidium has undertaken his own testing, and revealed what seems to point at sub-standard nickel plating, with plenty of copper visible through the plating on the site's test sample.

The latest response from EK appeared on its site over the weekend, and reads as follows:

'As EK is looking for lasting solution for nickel plating issue (concerning corrosion because of silver coils and copper sulphate additive) we decided to halt sales of nickel plated products till solution is found and tested. Our resellers were advised to halt sales too.

We cannot put users into position, that we replace products and corrosion starts again on new product. Hopefully we will find an answer and tested solution in short while.

We will update you as soon as we have any news.

However, If customer insists on buying EK nickel block, we offer a customer full 24 month warranty on material, manufacturing and corrosion'

Do you own a nickel-plated waterblock? What coolant and additives do you use? Let us know in the forums.
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