Cryorig announces Hive Fin heatsinks, upgradeable fans

June 4, 2014 | 11:22

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Cooling start-up Cryorig has announced a new heatsink family with an innovative cellular design dubbed 'Hive Fin' alongside a field-strippable case fan series.

The Cryorig H Series will, the company has claimed, launch in late July with two models: the H5 and the H7. Both feature the same intriguing cellular design to the fins, based around the hexagonal structure of a beehive. This, the company claims, reduces turbulence and straightens out the airflow, while the cooling performance is kept up using the company's usual Jet Fin Acceleration variable-width fin design.

The 160mm-tall H5 features four 6mm copper heatpipes connected to a copper coldplate using the company's usual Convex-Align layout, and will come bundled with an XT140 140mm slim-profile PWM-controlled fan. The H7, meanwhile, drops to 145mm with an asymmetrical slanted heatpipe layout which Cryorig claims will not foul RAM sockets. An SF120 120mm PWM-controlled fan will be included as standard. Both heatsinks will fit all modern socket types, and come with the company's Multiseg Quick Mount System.

For case cooling, Cryorig has announced the RIMS fan series. Unlike traditional case fans, the RIMS family are designed to be taken apart easily and quickly with the entire fan bearing assembly coming detached from the housing and the blades. As well as making it easier to clean, Cryorig has announced plans to offer replacement bearing units including fluid-dynamic and ball-bearing types - paving the way to user-upgradeable fans in the near future.

Pricing and availability on the RIMS fans and H7 heatsink have yet to be confirmed, with the H5 due to launch in Europe in late July for a recommended retail price of €36 (around £29 excluding taxes.)
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