Corsair releases iCue Elite Capellix coolers in white

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February 12, 2021 | 11:00

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Bit-Tech looked very closely at the Corsair iCue Elite Capellix back in mid-September last year when it was released. In particular, we got the H150i model in the labs. At release time the Capellix was only available in bog-standard black, but now Corsair has got around to introducing white versions for those who want an all white or black & white or X & white build. Both the 360mm Corsair  iCue Elite Capellix H150i and 240mm H100i are available in black or white now. However, Corsair hasn't made a white H115i (280mm) as yet.

For a quick reminder of the Capellix twins, they are AiO liquid coolers from Corsair. It is one of the newest Ai cooler ranges available from Corsair and has a CoolIT pump, magnetic levitation fans, zero RPM mode, a split flow copper cold plate, iCue with extended Commander Core controls, and two pump caps to switch up your look.

The special attraction over previous Corsair AiO cooler models is its better / moar RGB – the latest ML fans have eight LEDs rather than four, and the Capellix Elite has RGB on not just the fans but 33 built into the pump too. It is also worth mentioning that this cooler can control up to six fans (in the radiator and out) and their aRGB lighting.

For further details of the Capellix and to check the differences between the two models I will again advise you to check our review from last year, and to browse the official Corsair product pages. The new Corsair iCue Elite Capellix 360mm H150i and 240mm H100i are priced at US$199 and $159, respectively and appear to have immediate availability.

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