Arctic Interview - Magnus Huber (CEO)

September 6, 2016 | 11:29

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bit-tech: What proportion of your business comes from the OEM side versus the consumer side?

Magnus: We do about 20 percent OEM and thanks to our expertise we expect this to grow further.

bit-tech: What steps has the company taken to achieve a Carbon Neutral status?

Magnus: Arctic has been a Carbon Neutral company since the year 2011. We reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the full amount of our carbon footprint by investing into renewable energy projects and recycling.

Overall, we are proud to contribute to and be a part of these renewable energy projects, where we can promise to make a difference to everyone's life by taking responsibility for our environment. In addition to the environmental and climate benefits, the projects let the local area profit socio-economically by creating jobs as well as training and sensitising people with regards to environmental protection. At the same time it offers scholarship programs and mobile health units provide free examination and treatment to the local communities. Besides lowering the global greenhouse gas emissions, it significantly improves the local air, soil and water quality.

Arctic Interview - Magnus Huber (CEO)
Click to enlarge - Arctic is a certified Carbon Neutral company

bit-tech: What environment-related projects is Arctic involved in currently?

Magnus: We support the co-firing project in Thailand, which transforms agricultural waste from the region into energy. The local cement production especially is combined with a significant carbon emission. The "bio coal" project in Thailand succeeded in partially replacing fossil fuels such as coal and heavy oils by renewable fuels such as wood and rice husk – and thus saves huge amounts of carbon. A completely new system for the collection, storage and processing has been implemented and as a result new jobs have been created.

Before the realisation of the project rice husks were simply burned in the open field and other agricultural wastes were left to decay. Now the former waste has come into value – and not only does it bring in additional revenue for rural communities, it is also a real advantage for the environment!

Arctic Interview - Magnus Huber (CEO)
Click to enlarge - The Arctic Liquid Freezer 240

bit-tech: Name an area of the company you're currently working on improving and why.

Magnus: We are trying to get closer to the market and our customers still, through our social media accounts and individual support. Our customers never get support by canned answers. A professional team of supporters considers every case separately and finds individual solutions. We work hard to approach all angles from a user’s perspective because our customers are the centre of Arctic.

bit-tech: How do you engage customers and keep them aware of your brand?

Magnus: Arctic offers innovative solutions incessantly - changing impossible user requirements into new. Always focused on our customers, Arctic is devoted to deliver excellence through a strong dedication and a high sense of commitment. In light of the ever-changing consumer landscapes, we aspire to continue to expand and diversify our products and solutions. From computer cooling and peripherals to audio and digital home entertainment, we strive to enrich people's lives by creating innovative, user-friendly yet affordable products with great value and benefits. For us, value for money is a key factor - a constant our customers rely on.

To keep our customer aware of our brand we extend our communication over social media, press, reviews and news.

Arctic Interview - Magnus Huber (CEO)
Click to enlarge - The man himself

bit-tech: What's next for Arctic?

Magnus: At the end of the year we will celebrate our 15th anniversary.

bit-tech: What makes Arctic special or unique in your eyes?

Magnus: Arctic is a company with structure but no communication hierarchy. We are all 'Arcticers'; one team, completely dedicated to cooperation.

As a cooler manufacturer, Arctic offers a manufacturer’s warranty. Our service department takes care of questions about the product all the way to repair and exchange. We provide the full service to anyone, no matter where the product was bought.

First-class service and the direct and comprehensive support of partners and customers are very important to Arctic. With the new RMA management, distributors, dealers and end customers now benefit from having Arctic as a central contact point.

bit-tech: Thanks for your time, Magnus!
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