Arctic launches semi-passive Freezer i32 Plus

January 30, 2017 | 12:02

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Cooling specialist Arctic has announced the Freezer i32 Plus, a dual-fan tower cooler for all recent Intel socket types which it claims can run entirely passively under low loads.

Built on the same general principles as its previous Freezer models, Arctic's Freezer i32 Plus doesn't look particularly exciting at first glance: a centre stack of 84 0.3mm-thick aluminium fins sheds the heat from five 6mm copper heat pipes, with airflow provided by a pair of 120mm pulse-width modulation (PWM) controlled fans in a push-pull configuration.

A glance through the specifications, though, reveals a key feature of the cooler: The fans run at a maximum speed of 1,350 revolutions per minute (RPM) dropping to zero RPM under light loads down to a 40 percent PWM duty cycle, meaning that, when coupled with a processor boasting a low enough thermal design profile (TDP) and a case with decent airflow, the heatsink can run entirely silently and passively when you're not caning the CPU.

The Freezer i32 Plus includes compatibility for Intel's LGA 2011 through its third revision, 1150, 1151, 1155, and 1156 socket types, and measures 123mm by 102mm by 150mm in height, including the two bundled fans. Its overall weight is 752g, lower than its predecessor, the Freezer i30, and a cross-shaped plastic rear bracket is included in the pack.

The Arctic Freezer i32 Plus is available now through the company's official website, priced at £41.99, with more information available from the product page. A single-fan version, the Freezer i32 which launched last year, is available priced at £38.99, or with AMD socket support - a feature missing from the dual-fan Plus variant - for £37.99 as the Freezer A32.
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