Alphacool adds new CPU water blocks and AIOs to its lineup

Written by Alex Banks

June 4, 2019 | 10:05

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Liquid-cooling specialist Alphacool has shown off a range of new products at Computex 2019 including water blocks and all-in-one liquid-coolers.

We popped by Alphacool in Nangang last week to catch up with a rather familiar face and see what new goodies it has had cooking. The key products on show were its newly-refreshed CPU water blocks, which, of course, have now been fitted fully with 5V addressable RGB LED support. This comes in the form of a ring of lights around the outside of the blocks, similar in effect to its existing RGB collar for the XPX blocks. The key difference from a glance is that the blocks are considerably more streamlined now. The lighting ring sits flush around the outer edge and floods the interior, effective given the main body of the blocks are still hefty acrylic. Inside the blocks themselves are a series of tweaked cold-plates along with a clear nylon flow director/jet plate assembly. Like with Corsair's recent Hydro X parts, this particular nylon is said to be very durable and coolant-resistant.

The blocks come in three flavours for different sockets, including the standard consumer LGA 115x and AMD, plus HEDT offerings for Intel's LGA 2066 and, due to popular demand, AMD's TR4. These are designed to be both motherboard-controllable but also able to work smoothly with Alphacool's dedicated lighting controller.

The water blocks weren't the only new things on show; a host of updated AIO offerings were also in the cabinet. These offer a sleeker design with less obtrusive tubing, along with improved quick-disconnect fittings that sit inline with one of the tubes, presumably for easy coolant refills or perhaps expansion. 

Whilst there, it also made sense to have a look into some of the more industrial product lines that were largely shown off at CES, including the diminutive radiators designed to fit into a 1U server chassis. Included were Alphacool's new industrial CPU blocks, designed again to be as low-profile as possible, and some prototype DDC pump/reservoir combos. Whilst these parts aren't really aimed at the consumer audience, they are and will be available for anybody to purchase via their online shop. Personally these parts excite me a fair bit, as water-cooling tends to be somewhat the reserve of very large systems, largely thanks to the size of many standard components. Having more options in these areas is great for small form factor builders, who relish trying to cram as much capability into tiny spaces. It's one thing working with a standard-shaped ITX chassis like the NCase M1, but a whole other ball game when you attempt to water cool components in low-profile, media-centre chassis designs and similar.

They also had a number of cool mods on show, which whilst covered in the video, I'll be covering later in text.

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