Commodore Invictus - an Eee Keyboard killer?

June 1, 2010 | 16:04

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The Eee Keyboard is set to get itself some competition - and this contender comes equipped with the venerable Commodore branding.

According to ChipChick, Commodore USA - a company which specialises in producing computers integrated into the body of an over-sized keyboard, just like in the good old days of the Commodore VIC20 and C64 - has decided the time has come to return to its roots and use that knowledge in its future products, and will be looking to capitalise on prior experience with an all-in-one which looks to take the Asus Eee Keyboard on at its own game.

While details are sketchy, the Commodore Invictus - for that is its name - is expected to feature netbook-style components including an Atom processor and Nvidia's ION chipset.

Like the Eee Keyboard, the Commodore Invictus will include a colour touchscreen on the right-hand side, designed to be used as a secondary display and control system.

Connectivity for the primary display is taken care of via wireless HDMI - again, like the Eee Keyboard - and the device is expected to include wireless networking.

The company claims that the Commodore Invictus will be able to last five hours between charges - likely helped by the small display compared to a traditional netbook - although it hasn't indicated whether that's with all wireless functionality purring away or with the system in a low-power mode with the wireless turned off.

A launch date has not been set, and so far Commodore USA hasn't offered any hints as to how much the Commodore Invictus is likely to set prospective buyers back.

Is the Commodore Invictus a worthy competitor to the Eee Keyboard, or has Commodore USA taken a grand old name in vain? Share your thoughts over in the forums.
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