Lian Li announces PC-T80 test-bench

October 16, 2014 | 09:49

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Case specialist Lian Li has announced a new test-bench designed for overclockers and reviewers, the PC-T80, complete with support for boards up to XL-ATX in size.

The Lian Li PC-T80 is, as with the majority of the company's products built from brushed aluminium and acts as an upgrade to its existing PC-T60 test-bench product. While it shares the overall design and many features with its predecessor, the new PC-T80 boasts native support for liquid cooling radiators and increased modularity to make working on hardware installed in the bench as easy as possible.

The PC-T80's 440mm x 435mm x 335mm volume is split into three separate zones: an upper zone, which accepts motherboards from mini-ITX up to XL-ATX in size; a middle zone, which accepts three 2.5" storage devices; and a bottom zone, which includes one or two 3.5" hard drive cage, and a PSU retention bracket. Those interested in upgrading from the default options can purchase, in addition to the extra drive cage, IO port kits with audio and USB 3.0 and a hot-swap backplane for three SATA drives.

The biggest feature of the PC-T80 over the PC-T60 is its radiator support. Lian Li claims that the bench can accomodate a 360mm radiator with ease and properly mounted, removing the need for homebrew mounting systems required on its predecessor. Three 120mm fans are positioned to blow air down onto - or extract air from - the motherboard.

The PC-T80 is to launch later this month in silver and black finishes, priced at £109. Pricing for the IO port kit and hot-swap backplane accessories, along with the additional 3.5" drive cage, have yet to be confirmed. More details are available on the official product page.
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