In Win launches X-Frame 2.0 Signature Edition

December 23, 2016 | 07:02

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In Win has announced the launch of its X-Frame 2.0 open-air PC case, forming the latest entry in its 30th Anniversary Signature Product range.

Building on the base of its earlier X-Frame design, the X-Frame 2.0 is designed to act as a showcase for custom builds while also doubling as a quick-access test bench. Available in red-and-black, green-and-black, and blue-and-white colour schemes, the chassis is built from 4mm aluminium with 8mm handles providing rigidity and a means of easily transporting the case even when hardware is already installed. Motherboards up to EATX are supported, while a bracket at the rear provides room for eight expansion cards.

It's clear that In Win is looking to the higher end of the market with the redesign, as proven by a range of tweaks including a clever removable holder for spare screws and fittings - putting an end, you'd hope, to the pain of trying to fit a new component only to find you've misplaced a screw. The left side of the chassis includes room for three 120mm fans or up to a 360mm radiator for water-cooling use. A front panel includes three USB 3.0 ports and a single USB 3.1 Type-C, along with the usual analogue HD Audio connectors.

The X-Frame 2.0 features support for graphics cards up to 385mm in length and CPU coolers with a maximum height In Win jokingly refers to as 'infinite' thanks to the case's open-air nature. A single 5.25in drive mount is included, along with support for three 2.5in or 3.5in drives in dual-use mounts and a further seven 2.5in drives. The case is also to come bundled with a colour-matched power supply mounted at a jaunty angle to the right-hand side, boasting a 1,065W power rating. The case can also be used in a variety of orientations thanks to a clever mounting system, including rotating the entire unit vertically.

In Win has not yet confirmed UK pricing and availability for the X-Frame 2.0, with more information available from the company's official product page.
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