Be Quiet! has expanded its range of cases and PSUs at Computex 2019, revealing its lowest-price case thus far, the Pure Base 500, and two new power supply families targeting very different ends of the market.

The Pure Base 500 is an ATX mid-tower with a built-in steel PSU shroud that’s cut away at the front in order to support up to 360mm radiators. A two-bay HDD cage can also be moved inwards to accommodate water-cooling or removed entirely, and there are three additional 2.5” mounting locations. Dust filters are provided in the usual spots as well. There are dual USB 3.0 Type-A ports but no Type-C connector on this case.

The case initially looks quite restrictive in terms of airflow thanks to a mostly solid front panel, and unventilated sides and roof. However, Be Quiet! reckons it can achieve good airflow with the side ventilation strips and the secondary roof cover, since a ventilated replacement roof section is provided with the case for those who want more natural airflow or want to install cooling here. The case comes with two Pure Wings 2 140mm fans as well. To dampen noise, you get a noise-insulating material fitted to the side panels and front panel, though obviously you lose out on this on one side if you opt for the tempered glass one.

The Pure Base 500 is set for a September launch, with pricing starting at $70 for the black, steel-panelled version or $80 for the tempered glass one. White and grey options will be available as standard, costing $5 more in both instances than the black equivalent.

Be Quiet! is also planning to release the Straight Power 11 Platinum series of power supplies around November time. These will sit alongside the existing Straight Power 11 Gold family rather than replace it. Cooling is achieved with a 135mm Silent Wings 3 fans, which Be Quiet! keeps running at all times; it claims this benefits the lifespan of the PSU in the long run. The units feature fully modular cables, all-Japanese capacitors, five-year warranties and will arrive in 550W, 650W, 750W, 850W, 1,000W, and 1,200W capacities. Expect to pay a ~$15 premium over Gold equivalents.

Last up is the System Power 9 CM range, which will launch in July. Exclusively aimed at 230V regions, it’s a new version of a PSU that was originally aimed more at system integrators than end users. In light of this the company has added semi-modular cabling. It’s a dual 12V rail design, and the unit has a 120mm fan for cooling. The modular cables are the flat black variety and you get 80 Plus Bronze efficiency and a three-year warranty. Pricing has been announced for all capacities: €55/€65/€75/€85 for 400W/500W/600W/700W.

Non-watermarked images in this article were provided by Be Quiet!.

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