ATI to work with Nokia on multimedia mobiles

Written by Wil Harris

May 5, 2006 | 10:30

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ATI is to team up with mobile manufacturer Nokia to offer phones and software that will have advanced multimedia capabilities.

The team are going to be offering a grand mobile platform for developers to write for, which will enable a wide variety of applications - such as TV, video, music and gaming - to run quickly and easily on a range of Nokia phones.

Desktop graphics companies like NVIDIA and ATI see mobile phones as one of the next big areas they can make money in. As handsets and mobile devices get more and more sophisticated, and consumers demand that their devices do more, they need better capabilities - and video and graphics are major areas where work needs to be done.

ATI and Nokia are working on a platform for the next year or so, and will invite developers to come and bring their thoughts to the table too, in a bid to make a great reference platform.

The move mirrors efforts to bring better video and multimedia capabilities on the desktop, with ATI's AVIVO video software looking to improve media consumption quality through Media Center.

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