Apple recalls mains adapters over shock risk

April 26, 2019 | 10:55

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Apple has warned customers of a mains shock risk from its detachable British Standard (BS) 1363 plug heads, confirming six reported cases globally and triggering a voluntary recall of the affected parts.

Like many manufacturers, Apple ships the majority of its mains-connected products with replaceable plug heads - meaning it's possible to use a single mains adapter design in multiple countries. Its designs go one step further than most, however: As well as providing a means of connecting a pigtail mains cable to its power bricks, the plug head can also be connected directly to the brick to reduce bulk.

Unfortunately, Apple has confirmed six reported instances of electric shocks from its mains adapters - triggering a global recall of the affected parts. The recall covers only the three-pin BS 1363 plug heads, used in the UK, Hong Kong, and Singapore, and none of the other international designs, and covers a design defect which 'in rare case' can damage the plug in such a way as to expose the user to live mains voltages.

The faulty plugs, Apple explains, were sold with all Mac and selected iOS mobile devices between 2003 and 2010, as well as the Apple World Travel Adapter Kit. The design is notable for being bulkier than its apparently safer replacement, and by using an all-white casing with no external markings; the safe, thinner, replacement has a grey inner with safety and regulatory information plus dimples to the sides.

Anyone who believes they may have a mains adapter covered by the recall is advised to check on the Apple Support site and contact the company for a replacement.

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