Sony goofs by showing declining Blu-ray sales

Written by Phil Cogar

September 7, 2007 | 15:02

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At CEDIA EXPO 2007, Sony meant to tote the fact that Blu-ray disc sales have been twice that of HD DVD over the past year. Instead, as you can see in the picture over on the right, sales of both formats have been on a deep decline.

Cold, hard sales figures have been relatively hard to come by for both formats so this data comes as a shock. The chart shows that, while there have been sales spikes since last year's holiday season, overall sales of discs have nearly halved during this past year. Of course the data ends around the end of May and doesn't take into account any effects that recent bundling of movies with players has had.

The neck-and-neck race to become the dominant movie format has made it extremely hard to make a good judgment call on which format will win. Right now, many consumers are willing to sit back and wait for someone to be declared a winner before dropping money into a format that may end up being dead in the water. The decision, at least until the holiday rush hits us, is in the hands of large corporations as they pick which format to support.

Even if you're not willing to place your cash in either format right now, which one are you more willing to spend your money on? Discuss it with us in the comment section below or over in the forums.
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