Sky to launch 3D TV service

July 31, 2009 | 10:01

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3DTV is firmly back on the horizon wit the news that Sky is due to launch a three dimensional channel some time in 2010.

Despite the seeming failure of 3DTV technologies in the past, Sky's Brian Sullivan believes that it represents the future of broadcasting: calling the technology a "genuinely 'seeing is believing' experience, making TV come to live as never before."

According to Neowin, the technology will operate on the same hardware as the current high-definition broadcasts offered by the company, meaning all Sky+ HD customers won't need to upgrade. Sadly, the offering is going to require a 3D-ready television - which could be a difficult sell, with many consumers having only recently upgraded to an HD set.

Currently the company has a small selection of content it has recorded in 3D - using a pair of HD cameras to record two separate video streams - including a performance of Swan Lake by the English National Ballet, England vs. New Zealand's Rugby Union Test Match from November of last year, episodes of Sky 1's Gladiators, and football and boxing content.

Sky has yet to confirm whether those on its top HD packages will be getting the 3D channel for free, nor how much extra it will cost others to upgrade.

A video demonstration of the 3DTV offering is available on YouTube, courtesy of

Does the thought of 3D TV fill you full of joy, or do you think the technology is going nowhere until they make a system that doesn't require dodgy glasses? Share your thoughts over in the forums.
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