Sony demos 3D display prototype

October 20, 2009 | 12:18

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If you salivate at the thought of 3D displays, but don't like wearing those dorky glasses, then Sony's latest prototype might be just up your street.

The display, which is due to be demonstrated at Japan's Digital Content Expo this Thursday, can be seen over at Impress (Babelfish translation), and it's certainly a departure from the norm.

Rather than a traditional flat screen, the 13 x 27cm cylinder looks more like a stylish desktop water cooler than a display. However, at the heart of the device is a wraparound OLED display that shows an image that can be viewed from any angle - in true 3D. This makes it very different from standard 3D displays that project a 3D picture via anaglyph images or polarising filters.

Sadly, the resolution is currently far from high definition standards: although the little figure is presented in glorious 24-bit colour, it's a mere 96x128 pixels in size (0.12 megapixels), so it's not exactly photo-realism.

That said, the device is clearly a prototype, and a smart one at that. Sony reckons the device will be handy for anyone who needs to work with three dimensional objects, such as those in the medical imaging market. What's more, it will also have the obvious "cool" factor that could see it being snapped up as a neat 3D photo frame - as long as someone releases a decent 3D camera, that is.

A video of the device is available on Sony Japan's website, although the true test of the gadget will of course be the public demonstration on Thursday.

Does Sony's latest wheeze looks like the 3D display you've always wanted, or does the technology have a long way to go before products such as this will be genuinely marketable? Share your thoughts over in the forums.

Via Engadget.
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