Sealand says "No Pirates"

Written by Brett Thomas

January 23, 2007 | 15:12

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A quick newsbyte for everyone:

This week, on the dramatic in-conclusion of "The Misadventures of The Pirate Bay and Sealand," Prince Michael says "No thanks."

Apparently, the current prince of the little-platform-that-could has said that he would refuse to sell Sealand to anyone who would violate international treaties. This flatly rules out The Pirate Bay, whom he named specifically. According to the prince's recent interview on the CBC, he is a very firm believer that file-sharing is a violation of intellectual property rights and should be strictly prohibited.

It is rather funny that the prince of Sealand would refuse sale to anyone violating international treaties, being as the nation started out (after the military base) its sovereign life by being a pirate radio broadcast locality. Since then, it's had a very illustrious history - kidnappings, a military coup, gunfights...but apparently Prince Michael wants that to change.

Of course, the entire thing might be a rather moot point anyhow - since the sale, there have been several groups looking into whether or not Sealand can truly be considered sovereign, as it sits within 12 miles of the British coast. Back in 1987, the UK expanded its territory to include 12 miles of waters offshore in all directions, a move which was accepted by the international community as a whole. Therefore, any would-be buyer might end up falling under UK rule anyhow.

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