Drink or Die Trio Banged Up

Written by Jason Cundall

May 6, 2005 | 20:48

Tags: #dod

Several self-styled Robin Hoods of the net are behind bars tonight, having been given hard time earlier today. The "Drink or Die" three have been sentenced from 18 months up-to two and a half years at the Old Bailey.

The trio, Alex Bell, Steven Dowd and Mark Vent had been found guilty back in March of cracking software and registration keys and distributing them on the net. In sentencing Judge Paul Focke told them their scam "struck at the heart" of the software industry, and that it was "impossible to quantify" the loss to others caused by their activities, according to reports at the BBC:

Three men who pirated computer software have received jail terms of between 18 months and two-and-a-half years.

They were part of a network of pirates known as Drink Or Die (DOD) who cracked software protection codes, enabling it to be copied and downloaded.

The Old Bailey heard how the men, who were arrested along with around 60 others, did not make money from their activities but posed as "Robin Hoods".

A fourth accomplice, Andrew Eardley avoided jail time with an 18 month suspended sentence.

The BBC has more on the sentencing here, and you can discuss the news item in our news discussion forum here
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