Microsoft under monopoly investigation in China

July 30, 2014 | 11:11

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Microsoft has confirmed that four of its premises in China have been raided in an investigation into alleged monopolistic practices in the region, even as the Chinese government looks to move away from the company's software products.

China is a technology growth area and a major earner for many companies, but Microsoft is currently battling hard to keep its foot-hold in the region. Its recent win in becoming the first company to sell a games console in the area for 14 years is tempered by the news that the Chinese government is forbidding the use of Windows 8.1 on its systems until alternatives have been thoroughly investigated.

Now, local paper the Shanghai China Morning Post has confirmed reports that Microsoft's Chinese operation is under active investigation amid claims it is running an illegal monopoly. Facilities in Beijing, Shanghai, Ghuangzhou and Chengdu have all been raided by teams from the State Administration for Industry and Commerce as part of its investigation of anti-trust practices.

Microsoft has issued a statement to the paper confirming the raids and stating it will 'actively cooperate' with the government's investigation, but at present neither Microsoft nor the Chinese state has released details of the allegations levelled against the company.
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