Xbox 360 controller modded

Written by Geoff Richards

November 1, 2005 | 12:16

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Three weeks before Xbox 360 hits the shelves, the boys at (not to be confused with Llama's) have modded an Xbox 360 controller.

Announced two weeks ago and now available to buy, the Xbox 360 controller for Windows is exactly that: standard Xbox 360 gamepad on one end, and PC-friendly USB on the other. Out of the box, the Xbox logo / button glows the trademark Xbox green, and even then, only one quadrant is illuminated, to indicate which of the four ports you in (presumably for people who can't sit in playing order on the sofa).

They may not be able to spell llama, but the boys at (sic) have posted several guides on how to LED-mod the Xbox 360 controller, changing the famous 'X' red, or a rather fetching shade of blue. There are also three videos to illustrate this relatively straight-forward mod.

Of course, we wait with bated breath for the first person to take their brand-new $400 console and perform some serious mods to it. Early money is on the [H]ard man of tech news, Steve Lynch, who famously watercooled a first generation Xbox.

If Microsoft gave you an Xbox 360 to mod, how would you mod it? Brainstorm ideas with the best in our News Discussion forum.
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