Veho announces keyboard controller hybrid

Written by David Hing

March 11, 2011 | 14:40

Tags: #controller #gamepad #wireless-controller

Companies: #veho

PC Gamers are now able to combine keyboard, control pad and mouse in a new peripheral from Veho, called the Mimi Key 003.

As if combining a keyboard with a gamepad weren't enough, the Mimi Key 003 also features built-in accelerometers that allow it to work as an air mouse as well.

Priced at a shade over £60, the Mimi Key 003 also boasts a 20 hour battery life.

The keyboard works on Windows, Mac OS and Linux systems - but, according to Veho's site, may not function 'normally' on the latter two.

Veho is known for its unusual devices. The company's site claims: 'we like to do things differently.'

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