Mod of the Month May Winner

Written by Brett Thomas

June 20, 2008 | 13:20

Tags: #home-theatre #htpc #tiny

Companies: #mod

Whose cuisine reigns supreme?" Well, we're not really sure either, but we do know who came out on top for our Mod of the Month competition for May of 2008!

You could probably look to the image and immediately recognize the victor, but that wouldn't really be fair. After all, part of the fun is getting to see the name up in lights. This month's winner (by quite a large margin, despite many votes and several good mods) is the Tiny HTPC by ichessblumen, a fantastically designed little home theatre creation.

It seems like it's HTPC month here at bit-tech with Wolverine's Reflection HTPC getting finished up at just about the same time, giving two very different top-end cases to serve each end of the market.

Speaking of great cases, let's take a second to look into the prize box that ichessblumen will be receiving - a brand new NZXT Tempest case from the chaps at NZXT is first up. The Tempest is an all new case designed for the high-end gamer...though I bet it will look a lot better as a new mod project!

Mod of the Month May Winner Mod of the Month May Winner

Also in the box is our monthly prize pack from the awesome guys at AC Ryan, rounding out a full year of sponsorship and love for the modding community. On behalf of modders everywhere, I'd like to say Thanks, guys!

Of course, June is already more than half over, and that means we're just a little ways from the next round of mods. So make sure to join us again on June 30th, when Mod of the Month turns one year old! Until then, you can discuss it in the forums.
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