Mnpctech Case Design Competition nearing deadline

March 22, 2009 | 23:53

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Companies: #mnpctech

bit-tech forums are always exploding with modding ideas, ranging from the amazingly creative to the downright crazy. Some designs are stylish and clever enough to outclass even Q himself, while others are so absurd and crazy that they'd scare off even Marylin Manson.

Naturally, because boys will be boys, it was only a matter of time before we started willy waving comparing design skills. Bill from mnpctech, and local celebrity TheGreatSatan, graciously provided a bundle of prizes for the design competition currently underway in our forums.

Now in its second year, the mnpctech Case Design Competition asks you to draw a 3D model of your ultimate scratch build - the more outlandish, the better! The deadline, set for April 1st (yes, really!), is nearing fast and the pressure is mounting.

There's still almost two weeks left though, so start drawing right away and get your entry in! You can make your bid for another fantastic prize pool provided not only by Bill over at mnpctech, but also by community members Cheapskate (he doesn't live up to his name!) and Confusis.

There's really no excuse not to enter, either. Sketchup is simple to pick up and a great tool to learn, the 'no rendering' rule levels the playing field and there's prizes for 1st to 3rd plus extra for an originality award. Everything is shipped globally, and the winner from the last competition, Dark~3nergy, was limited to just pen and paper!

So, head on over to the competition headquarters in the modding forum now for advice and help on how to make your own entry, or simply stare at all the fantastic designs on display.

Finally, the boring official stuff: This competition is organised by the community itself, and not directly controlled by bit-tech staff, although bit-tech loves modding and says GET DESIGNING!
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