Forum Modding Update: 19th October 09

Written by AJ Manktelow

October 19, 2009 | 15:40

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Companies: #bit-tech

The first mod that caught our eye this week was Stormeren's Ferrari F430 external USB HDD which wonderfully combines a model F430 with a USB hub and memory sticks, in a rather unusual but very cool mod.

We've also had a massive influx of Lian Li A05 mods over the last few weeks. The AO5 is clearly a fabulous case that just ebbs modding potential so we're glad our community has taken up the challenge. We recommend nosing at Pazu's ANGEL, Phinix's AURORA which is still in its infancy, and finally, Ricickle's Distiller

Those of you who have been reading bit-tech for the last few years with should remember G69T's epic Dark Blade, so its wonderful to know that he is currently not only revising Dark Blade (you'll need to go towards the last page to get the latest posts), but has also started a new project: DBRS. Although he hasn't revealed too much about it yet, his is initial workings certainly have us hungry for more.

Another that caught our eye that we recommend you check out, was GuardianStorm's WMCC, a beautifully simple wooden media centre case, which is both stylish and minimalist at the same time.

In addition, we also noticed oldnewby's ongoing Cygnus X1 which, put frankly, is stunningly designed and hand crafted down to the finest detail.

Last but by no means least; we have the third installment of MNPCTech's Sketchup Case Design Competition . While not strictly a mod or project, the thread is jammed full of great CAD drawings and modding ideas, so is definitely worth a look!

Seen any other great, new mods in our forum recently? Let us know your thoughts in the forums. In addition, if you've started your own mod - drop in a new project with some pictures in our Project Log forum!
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