Mice like LCDs too

Written by Brett Thomas

July 26, 2006 | 15:52

Tags: #lcd #mouse #tft

Companies: #logitech #mod

It's been a little while since something so random has caught our eye, but I'm at a lack of words to describe this phone LCD inside a mouse as anything but random.

Finnish modder Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö developed this crazy idea when thinking of how LCDs and TFTs are showing up in everything nowadays.

"One can find LCDs and TFTs embedded to almost everything so why not inside a mouse," Jani said. "And why settle for an ascii or even monochrome display as there should be usable graphical color displays available out there..."

And with that, LogiNoki was born.

Mouse modding is certainly not old news, but this is definitely a new twist. Last year, we saw the birth of the Nintendo controller mouse, and long before that was an absolute art project, the alien fossil mouse. However, I don't think anyone to date has decided to put an LCD in one.

Step on over to Metku Mods and read the full log, it's well worth a look!

Got a thought on the mouse with a view? Has the project log inspired a new design of your own? Drop in our forums and let us know.
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